VANOC Fan-to-Fan Marketplace

December 21, 2009

So, FINALLY, the fan-to-fan marketplace has been launched by VANOC. That only took forever.

Things seem to be up and running pretty smoothly, and its pretty impressive how seemlessly things blend into the ticketing website. You just go into your 'My Tickets', select the ones you're willing to part with, name your price, and post 'em. VANOC of course takes their cut as a 'posting fee', but colour me shocked on that one....

Its pretty groundbreaking that an official ticket outlet allows you to sell your tickets back at above face-value. Normally ticket scalping is exclusive to the black market. However, by allowing this, VANOC has almost certainly killed the black market. Why would you risk some shady guy on Craigslist when you can go right to the Official Website. It will also help sell-out the Games, as its now less likely that tickets will go unused. So good on VANOC for having it right on this all around.

As for ourselves, we have been able to sell a couple of our tickets 'offline' already, but still have maybe 2/3rd of our extra tickets to move. I've put a couple of them up on the official marketplace now, hopefully they sell!! I've been pretty aggressive in terms of asking price. But as of right now, we have the only tickets listed for the events that are up, so I think we can set the bar a little. There are still 53 days to the Games, so if I've asked too much, I can always change the price later. Better to start too high!


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