More Olympic Gear!

December 30, 2009

Christmas has come and gone and left Scott and I with a bunch of Olympic gear!!
Scott received: a Canada scarf, a CTV "Believe" Shirt
I received: a Canada scarf, a Canada toque, a zip up Vancouver jacket, an Olympic Bear, a Figure Skate keychain and best of all, my parents gave me the funds for the flights and the train tickets! (thank you Mom and Dad!)

I look a little excited, don't I? :) This picture was taken with Scott's new camera for the games, we're testing it out beforehand to learn the settings.

In other Olympic news, Scott was sent an email from our hotel in Whistler today! Within this email, there's information about where to go while we're there and what to do, it's really interesting and getting us hyped up!

So exciting! I can't wait!! :)


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