'Roar of the Rings' - Men's Draw 1

December 6, 2009

So, with the Women's Draw underway, its time to look ahead to tonights Men's Draw. Don't forget the standings and draw sheet, which can be found here.

Men’s Draw 1 – 8:00 PM

Stoughton (0-0) v. Howard (0-0)
Wow…not messing around on this one are they? Two of the top teams go head to head right off the bat. Both teams have serious aspirations of taking this whole thing, and both of them will be keen to get off to good starts. I would peg this as a preview of the semi-finals or maybe even the finals.

Martin (0-0) v. Gunnlaugson (0-0)
So much for easing the young guy in…underdog Gunnlaugson gets thrown into a sink-or-swim situation right off the bat here. The pressure is all on Martin to kick things off, as an opening draw loss to Gunnlaugson would weigh heavy on his week with the bigger hitters coming up still.

Koe (0-0) v. Simmons (0-0)
In such a short tournament, every game is a big one….but for these two teams it’s almost like a make-or-break game right off. If either of these teams is going to make the playoffs, its games like these that they have to win….matchups against mid-level opposition. This game might be the difference between a 5-2 record…and hence the playoffs…or a 4-3 record and a quick trip home.

Middaugh (0-0) v. Ferbey (0-0)
Similar situation as Koe/Simmons here, as whichever team takes the loss here will start the week in a big hole. I would say the pressure is more on Ferbey here however, losing to Middaugh means needing to probably take 2 of 3 from Stoughton/Martin/Howard….not what you want to have happen.


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