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April 8, 2009

When browsing StubHub for the extra CAN-SWE tickets, I had a look around at what some of the other events were going for. Pretty relevant as we obviously have some events we're looking to sell off.

As it turns out...we might be sitting on a gold mine. Assuming we could get the lowest prices listed currently for each section, this is what tickets we are willing to sell are going for right now on the resale market:

IH006 - CAT B - 2 @ $166 = $332
IH007 - CAT A - 4 @ $629 = $2516
IH007 - CAT B - 2 @ $530 = $1060
IH015 - CAT A - 2 @ $201 = $402
IH017 - CAT A - 4 @ $629 = $2516
IH017 - CAT B - 2 @ $452 = $904
IH030 - CAT A - 4 @ $819 = $3276

Grand Total = $11,006 USD or about $13,500 CAD

That all works under the assumption that Ben and Andrea would use tickets to all the Men's hockey games, and Pam and I would only goto IH030 - RUS-CZH.

Now I dont for a second expect to get those kinda prices, but hell....what if we still got 50%???


More Tickets!

Well I'm now officially a felon. I participated in the illegal adventure that is ticket scalping. Actually, Pam and I bought a pair of tickets off that hardly counts.

Tickets for the Women's hockey games seem to be fairly we picked up a pair of tickets to the Canada vs. Sweden Women's game on Day 6 for $132 US a piece. I mean, thats certainly more than the $25 face value. But I will pay $150 CAD for one more Team Canada Olympic Hockey Game.

Another Canada Hockey Game...

I'm a just the slightest bit iffy on the fact that we went through StubHub, given VANOCs threats to invalidate tickets on the re-sale market. However, I figure that its mostly bluster, as actually tracking down and invalidating tickets is a pretty unrealistic endeavor.

Its also a bit of a bitch that we had to pay extra to get this game, as had VANOC not switched the schedule...we would have already had tickets to this one.


Hotel = Booked, Flights = Expensive - Part III

April 3, 2009

Well...had a change of heart. We're going to fly direct both ways to Vancouver from Toronto. Booked the return flight for $448 each last night, flying out at 12:30 on March 1st. Once you figure the 'total cost' of going through Seattle, and the extra day off work it costs, and all the hassle....its just worth the extra $200 or so to fly direct.

So, with that...we're totally booked up! Tickets, flights, hotels...the whole deal. The final price tag for me:

Flight There - $448
Hotel - $1,118.35
Tickets - $1,406
Flight Home - $448

Grand Total: $3420.35

No wonder I have a steep credit card bill! At least though, I know I'll have this paid off long before I actually go on the trip. It'll be really nice to know that everything is all already bought and paid for when we're out there!

The only thing really left on the table is to get our tickets all finalized. Phase II tickets go on sale June 6th, so hopefully we'll be able to pick up a bit of a 'bonus' there....get ahold of one more event or something. And eventually, we still have to sell off or swap the crappy hockey tickets that we ended up with.

Either way, things are certainly rounding into form.


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