Men's Olympic Hockey Preview - Norway

December 29, 2009


Olympic Appearances: 1952, 1964-1972, 1980-1994
Best Finish: 8th (1972)
Total Medals Won: 0
Pool: Canada, Switzerland, USA

Norway makes its return to Olympic Hockey for the first time since they hosted the games in Lillehamer in 1994. They squeak their way in as the #12 seed, having beaten Denmark, Kazakhstan and France in their preliminary qualification pool last year. The Nords have never finished higher than 8th at an Olympic games, and I really wouldn't expect that to change.

I'll actually be seeing the Nords twice (Canada, USA) so it'll be interesting to see just how well they are able to hold up to elite competition.

Pal Grotnes (Stjernen)
Andre Lysenstoen (Haki/FIN)
Ruben Smith (Storhamar)
Alexander Bonsaksen (Modo/SWE)
Jonas Holas (Farjestad/SWE)
Tommy Jakobsen (Larenskog)
Juha Kaunismäki (Stavanger Oilers)
Lars Erik Lund (Vslerenga)
Ole Kristian Tollefsen (Philadelphia Flyers/NHL)
Mats Trygg (Kolner Haie/GER)


Morten Ask (Thomas Sabo Tigers/GER)
Anders Bastiansen (Färjestad/SWE)
Kristian Forsberg (Modo/SWE)
Mads Hansen (Brynäs/SWE)
Marius Holtet (Färjestad/SWE)
Lars Erik Spets (Vålerenga)
Mathis Olimb (Frölunda/SWE)
Martin Roymark (Frölunda/SWE)
Per-Age Skroder (Modo/SWE)
Patrick Thoresen (Ufa Salavat/KHL)
Tore Vikingstad (Hannover Scorpions/GER)
Martin Laumann (YlvenLinlöping/SWE)
Mats Zuccarello Aasen (Modo/SWE)
Its a little strange that the other Scandinavian nations do so well at hockey (Sweden/Finland), yet Norway lags so far behind. Can't say I have an explanation for it, its just one of those things.

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