The Olympic Torch - Check!

December 21, 2009

So over the weekend, Beth and I had a chance to see the Olympic Torch not only once...but twice!!

Thursday, December 17th - Toronto
First up was Thursday Night in Toronto, where we waited along the road at Yonge and Bloor. The torch was scheduled to pass Y&B at 6:06 PM, but was held up just north of where we were for about 30 minutes due to a protest at Yonge & College.

Anyways, once the torch did get moving again, it went past us really quickly. I don't know who the torch bearer was, but he was moving at almost a sprint. Consequently, between the jostling of the crowd and how fast the guy went past us, we weren't able to get any really good pictures.

We had Matthew Good tickets in Hamilton later on, so we weren't able to stick around and go over to Nathan Phillips Square. Soon as the torch passed us, we rushed down to Union and hopped on the GO bus.

Saturday, December 19th - Hamilton
So, since I still wanted to see a 'Community Celebration', Beth and I jetted down to Hamilton on Saturday night to see the torch again in Hamilton. We were able to stake out a really good spot, right on the 'rail'. As a result, our Hamilton pictures are a lot better than our Toronto ones.

We met up with BJ and his girlfriend April, and I think Pam was in the crowd somewhere. I'm really glad we went to see at least one of the community celebrations, I know Beth thought it was a really cool (if too cold) experience.

The final Torchbearer in Hamiton was Ron Foxcroft.

Missed Opportunities
I had planned on getting up and seeing the Torch Friday morning in Toronto on its way out of town, but the combination of the 6:15 time for it going past and the fact that I was seeing it in two other places was enough to keep me in bed for it.

The Torch hits Brantford tonight, going abotu 300m past my parents house. It would be really neat to see it go through my old stomping grounds, but its just too much to go see ANOTHER community celebration. They have been keeping the final torchbearer a secret in Brantford...wouldn't be surprised if it was Gretzky!


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