It Should Be Easier Than This...

December 10, 2009

First off, Pam got her notification that her tickets are on the way. December 17th, if everything goes to plan. For her sake, I hope she has better luck that I’m having!

For some reason, my tickets ended up going to the billing address in Brantford. As luck would have, nobody was home, so the ended up at the Brantford Purolator Depot.

Now, because these are an important package, Olympic tickets, there are a whole slew of regulations on the package that normally don’t apply. Can’t change the delivery address, can’t move it to another depot, can’t designate someone to pick it up for me, can’t have them just leave it at the door…nothing. Its either I personally pick it up from the Brantford Depot, or someone has to be home when they attempt delivery.

Of course, I could just jet to Brantford and grab them…if they weren’t only open Monday to Friday until 6 PM. How I’m supposed to get to Brantford from Toronto mid-week by 6 PM…no idea.

So I’ve put in a request that they attempt delivery after 3 PM, when my Dad should be here. But if that doesn’t work, we’re gonna have to get really inventive.


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