'Roar of the Rings' - Women's Draw 5

December 9, 2009

Onto Day 4...

With three in the bag, the playoff picture is starting to crystalize a little bit on the Women's side, with really 5 teams fighting for those 3 playoff spots. Webster, Scott and Holland aren't mathematically out of it at 1-3, but not only would they need to run the table at this point, they'd need a fair amount of help.

Jones has fought back into contention...

Right now there are 5 teams with two or fewer losses. If any of the bottom 3 want to make it as far as tiebreakers, they'll need 3 of those 5 to drop to a 4-3, or worse, record.

Women’s Draw 5 – 10:30 AM

Scott (1-3) v. McCarville (2-2)
Kelly Scott is right on the brink at 1-3, and can't afford another loss. Her only win so far came against Lawton on Sunday night, so she's missed three in a row now. She has to run the table, but it is possible for her with matchups vs. McCarville (2-2), Webster (1-3) and Holland (1-3) left. Still, one more mis-step and she's done....and is without help anyways...

McCarville dropped a big one last night against Kliebrink, falling to 2-2 and one full game back of the tiebreakers. She still holds her fate in her own hands...going 3-0 from here will get her into at least a tiebreaker, but one more loss and she'll start to need help. Like Scott, McCarville has the 'weaker' end of the draw left. After Scott (1-3) she has Holland (1-3) and Webster (1-3). These are all 'winnable' games for McCarville, and odds are Holland and Webster will be officially out of it when she plays them, so it will be up to her to take advantage.

Bernard (4-0) v. Kliebrink (3-1)
The two front-runners face off in a Wednesday matchup that will go a long way to determining who gets the bye to the final. If Bernard is able to remain undefeated, she'll move two games clear of the pack, almost certainly locking up the bye with two games to go. However, if not she'll fall into a 4-1 tie with Kliebrink, and with the first tie-breaker being head-to-head, Kliebrink would have the clear edge.

The three 2-2 teams should be pulling for Bernard hard here. If Kliebrink falls to 3-2, it will make tiebreakers far more likely. If both Bernard and Kliebrink exit today's game at 4-1, they will still be a full game clear of the pack no matter what, leaving them scrambling for 3rd place.

Jones (2-2) v. Lawton (2-2)
Jones backed herself into a corner early in the week by starting off 0-2, but has fought back to even at 2-2. Thats currently good enough for a share of a tiebreak spot, meaning that she now holds her fate in her own hands again. If she can win out, she'll get at least a tiebreaker. However, with Lawton, Bernard and Kliebrink left, Jones hasn't made it easy on herself.

Lawton has been back and forth all week...lose one, win one, lose one, win one. She'll have to break that streak and start putting together back-to-back wins if she's going to make the playoffs. Like Jones, Lawton has the front-runners Bernard and Kliebrink left after this.

Neither team is out of it if they lose this one, but they'll be back in the position of needing help at 3 losses. With all the front runners playing each other down the stretch, I think its possible that 4-3 will still be good enough for a tiebreak...but its still not for sure. 5-2 will get you in for sure...so why tempt fate?

Webster (1-3) v. Holland (1-3)
These 1-3 teams face off in a game of really little consequence. The loser will be officially eliminated, while the winner can still hold onto hope...but is probably done anyways. Whoever wins still needs to win-out and get help. But the road can start here...


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