Hotel = Booked, Flights = Expensive - Part II

March 30, 2009

Ok, so NOW its official...we're booked into the YWCA for the Olympics. There was a bit of a delay as our reservation had to be 'confirmed', but just this morning I sent in our final application form. Total cost for Pam and I came to $2236.69, half of which we have to put down now ($1118.35) and the other half in September.

In terms of flights, on Friday I booked our way out there. We're going to still take a direct flight out, rather than go through Seattle, primarily because the latter option would require us to take an extra day off work. The Seattle-Vancouver train leaves at 7:00 AM each day, so there is no way to get on that train except to be in Seattle the night before. The cost for just the way out there is $448.

Its just as well really, I prefer Air Canada over the American carriers.....and there is something to be said for the atmosphere that will be on that flight from Toronto to Vancouver the morning of the Opening Ceremonies.

We leave Pearson at 8:00 AM, and get into Vancouver for 10:14 AM. A quick shot up the Canada Line...and we'll be at the hotel!


Vancouver Olympic Centre

March 13, 2009

Surfing the web, I came across a couple of really good pictures showing the inside of the Vancouver Olympic Centre. This will be the curling venue for the games.

Green and Blue Rings??

I'm still a little surprised that the venue only holds about 6,000 people. Watching the Brier this week, and the mid-week crowds of 14,000 at the would think that you could push 20,000 for the curling venue at the Olympics when its in Canada. That being said, the 6,000 is double the venue size from the last two thats saying something I guess.

One thing that is interesting is the large glass wall at the one end of the building. I would think that allowing direct sunlight, although architecturally awesome, would seriously screw with the ability of the ice team to keep a consistent sheet. Last thing you need is a mid-afternoon sun beating down on the ice.


Hotel = Booked, Flights = Expensive

March 11, 2009

Kinda came out of nowhere, but we are going to be booking a hotel tomorrow! We're going to be residents of the YWCA Hotel, which has an amazing location and is coming pretty cheap.

Located spitting distance away from GM Place, I'm really surprised that we're getting this place for only $118 a night for Pam and I.

That will come in at $1184 each. Pretty solid for an 18 night stay.

Central Location Much?

So Pam and I will accept our offer tomorrow. Ben and Andrea have also 'applied' to stay there, and I don't see why they wouldn't be able to get a place as well.

The only downside to the place is that you share a bathroom with an adjacent room. However, if Ben and Andrea get in, we should be able to get our rooms assigned so that we're beside each other.

Anyways, in terms of flights...Air Canada wants $880 for a return flight from Toronto-Vancouver. By contrast, Buffalo-Seattle comes in at $240. The train from Seattle-Vancouver costs $60 return. So at almost 75% off, it might just be worth the extra hassle of getting to and from Buffalo.


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