'Roar of the Rings' - Women's Draw 2

December 7, 2009

After a couple of upsets Sunday afternoon, the favorites will look to rebound this morning in Women's Draw 2. Nobody wants to start the week off 0-2, so the pressure is all on the first draw losers here. Back-to-Back losses will put them in the position of probably needing to run the table the rest of the week to make the playoffs...no small task!

Women’s Draw 2 – 10:30 AM

Holland (1-0) v. Bernard (1-0)

Amber Holland lead off the 'Roar' with a huge upset of Jennifer Jones. Although Amber played well, she was lucky to catch Jones on what could at best be called an 'off' day. Regardless, she has to be happy with her 1-0 start, looking to extend it here.

Bernard won a really tight game over McCarville, making a really nice shot in 10 to take the W. Both teams hope to continue onto 2-0, but even at 1-1, the loser of this game has to be at least content with their start.

Kliebrink (0-1) v. Scott (1-0)
Kliebrink took a bit of an upset loss from Webster yesterday, putting here in a tough spot going into Monday Morning. A tough matchup versus Kelly Scott means that Kliebrink is staring a possible 0-2 record in the face, should she lose. Her week won't be over should she miss this one, but the pressure is definitly on.

Kelly Scott opened up with a solid win over Stephanie Lawton, and will look to get on a bit of a roll. Scott has Jones in the late draw Monday, so getting a win this morning would be really nice. The momentum gained from a 1-0 start can be lost pretty quickly if she ended Monday 1-2.

This is of course a repeat of the 2005 Trials, where Kliebrink edged Scott.

Lawton (0-1) v. Webster (1-0)
Lawton opens the tournament playing some of the 'lesser powers' in her first three games (Scott, Webster, McCarville). If she wants to seriously contend this week, she will need to take these wins when she has a chance. Missing the first of these games isn't the end of the world, but she really needs to be at 2-1 before facing the Jones' and Kliebrinks of the event.

Webster opened up the 'Roar' with a BIG win over Kliebrink, and will look to carry that forward. Starting 2-0 puts you in a great spot to start things off.

McCarville (0-1) v. Jones (0-1)
Krista McCarville lost a tough game yesterday against Bernard on a great last-shot win. Its the kind of game that can really deflate a team, so Krista will need to rebound against Jones. Not to hammer the point too much, but an 0-2 start can be very tough to recover from.

However, as much as there is pressure on McCarville to rebound, there is huge pressure on Jones to avenge her loss yesterday. Jones and her squad did not play well in her afternoon loss to Amber Holland, throwing only 63%. Combined with Overton-Clapham's 66%, its no surprise they lost. With a tough evening matchup against Kelly Scott, Jones really needs the morning draw 'W'.


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