'Roar of the Rings' - Women's Draw 6

December 9, 2009

Just two to go!

Cheryl Bernard has moved two games clear of the pack for 1st, has clinched a playoff spot, and just about has that bye to the finals all wrapped up. The only way she can end up in the semi’s is if:
She loses to Jones tonight
Lawton beats Kliebrink this evening
She loses to Lawton tomorrow afternoon

As for the rest, Kliebrink, Lawton and McCarville all share the tiebreak playoff spots at this point at 3-2 with Jones and Holland still alive at 2-3.

It’s not for sure, but it’s really shaping up that the tiebreak will be at the 4-3 record mark on the women’s side. The only way that it stays at 5-2 is if two of Kliebrink, Lawton and McCarville win out. Should only one of them win-out, and the other two go 1-1, then any team at 4-3 will be alive. Considering Lawton plays Kliebrink this evening, we know at for sure that one of the required two will go 1-1. If McCarville loses one, or if the winner of the Kliebrink-Lawton matchup then loses tomorrow….it keeps Jones and Holland…and any other 4-3 teams alive.

Its screwed up right now anyways:)

Women's Draw 6 - 9:30 PM

Bernard (5-0) v. Jones (2-3)
A win for Bernard puts her right into Saturday’s final. A loss means she has the same opportunity tomorrow…she only needs one of her final two...and even then with the right help she might be there already.

Jones dropped her morning game to Lawton, putting her in a really tough spot. She HAS to win out now, and against Bernard and Kliebrink that won’t be easy. Even with two wins, she’ll need help. Her best bet is for Kliebrink to win tonight against Lawton, which would put her destiny back into her own hands….if Lawton wins over Kliebrink, she’ll need Bernard’s help tomorrow.

Holland (2-3) vs. McCarville (3-2)
Amber Holland is in the same boat as Jones…winning out will be required. However, she already has control of her destiny for sure, as a win tonight over McCarville would guarantee the tiebreak falls to 4-3 (err…I think). If Holland bests McCarville, they both go to 3-3. With the guarantee of another 3-3 team from the Kliebrink-Lawton game, it a Holland win would set up a 3 way tie between Holland, McCarville and the loser of the Kliebrink-Lawton game. If Jones wins, that’d make it a four-way tie for 3rd….all at 3-3.

McCarville will look to finish out 2-0 against Holland and Scott. If she’s able to, she’ll make the playoffs for sure. If she goes 1-1, she should still be OK for a tiebreaker, as it would push her under the above scenario, but it’ll depend on how the other matchups go.

Webster (1-4) v. Scott (1-4)
Snore…the only good thing about this matchup at this point in the week is at least we know Kelly Scott won’t be in Vancouver!

Lawton (3-2) v. Kliebrink (3-2)

In a lot of ways, this is already a mini-tiebreker game. The winner will move on to 4-2, and will be in a good spot to clinch a playoff spot I think (at least a real tiebreaker). The loser will fall back into the pack at 3-3, needing McCarville to lose a game, or the winner to lose tomorrow in order to stay alive.


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