'Roar of the Rings' - Tiebreaker Friday!

December 11, 2009

So, after 5 days of some really top-notch Curling, we’re onto the playoffs!! As I predicted, the Men’s side ended up without tiebreakers after Stoughton topped Simmons last night . That means the Men get the day off, before Stoughton and Howard faceoff in the semi-final on Saturday. The winner moves onto Sunday’s final vs. Martin.

On the women’s side, things finished up with a 3-way tie for 3rd. As a result, two tiebreaker games will be required today! The first one gets underway at 10:30 when McCarville takes on Lawton.

The winner of that game then takes on Amber Holland at 3:00 PM. All the while, Shannon Kliebrink has moved directly to the Semi-Final, and will get the winner of the Holland/Winner of the First Tiebreaker game.

Cheryl Bernard missed out on going perfect through the round robin by dropping a close one to Lawton yesterday. However, her record was still good enough to finish first. She’s through to Saturday Night’s final, and needs just one more win to go to Vancouver!!

Women’s Tiebreakers – Friday 10:30 AM, 3:00 PM

McCarville v. Lawton
Krista McCarville moved into the tiebreaker after taking down Webster on Thursday Afternoon. Lawton needed an upset of the previously undefeated Bernard, but was able to do it.

Although I’m sure these two are happy to still be alive, it’s a long road to Vancouver still. In order to move on, they’ll have to win 4 straight to get all the way through the playoff bracket….three today. No easy task.

These two teams met during the round-robin on Monday night, where McCarville was victorious. This one could go either way though.

Holland v. Winner
Amber Holland awaits the winner of the McCarville/Lawton matchup. Holland qualified for the playoffs after winning three straight to end the round robin over Webster, McCarville and Scott. She’ll look to stay on that hot streak and move into the Semi tonight against Kliebrink.

During the round-robin, Holland bested McCarville, but lost to Lawton.


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