2010 Official Poster

June 30, 2009

On Monday, VANOC unveiled the official poster for the games. My thoughts on it are pretty much the same as for the ticket designs....it could be alot worse. I think they've done a really good job with the designs in general, considering I'm still a little biased in regards to the colour palette. I'd still prefer a Red-White-Black mix...but if you're gonna go for Blue-Green, this isn't bad

Official 2010 Poster (VANOC Website)

There is lots of white space, which when you look really closely is actually white-painted wood. I'd probably like it if this vast white space was filled a little more, but then again there is something to be said for the KISS principal.

Overall though, could be worse. I'll be picking one up at some point, that's for sure. Once this trip is all said and done, I'd like to create a big (like couch-sized) wall display of the various mementos I'll have from this trip...display my tickets, pictures, even a jersey or something. The official poster would make a nice centrepiece perhaps!


USA Hockey

The USA announced their development camp roster today, which is noteworth on two fronts from my point of view. First off, we have tickets to all three of the USA's Preliminary Round Games (v. Switzerland v. Norway, v. Canada) so it's interesting to see the potential players.

Secondly, because I think/fear that the USA is the real darkhorse of thise tourney. I think that at the top its a two horse race between Canada and the USA, but after that it gets pretty wide open. But of those teams, I think the USA is the one with the best chance to really surprise. There is alot of exciting, young talent on this list:

Goaltenders: Ryan Miller, Jonathan Quick, Tim Thomas

Defencemen: Tom Gilbert, Tim Gleason, Ron Hainsey, Erik Johnson, Jack Johnson, Mike Komisarek, Paul Martin, Brooks Orpik, Brian Rafalski, Rob Scuderi, Ryan Suter, Ryan Whitney

Forwards: David Backes, David Booth, Dustin Brown, Dustin Byfuglien, Ryan Callahan, Chris Drury, Scott Gomez, Patrick Kane, Ryan Kesler, Phil Kessel, Jamie Langenbrunner, Ryan Malone, Mike Modano, Kyle Okposo, T.J. Oshie, Zach Parise, Joe Pavelski, Bobby Ryan, Paul Stastny.

Of course, Sweden are the reigning champs, so they can never be counted out either.


2010 Team Canada Coaching Staff

Last week Team Canada announced the coaching staff that will behind the bench in February. In what was a very predictable move, they've put Mike Babcock in charge of what will probably be the biggest event ever to take place in this country.

Sexy Bunch...

I was a little surprised at the announcement of Ruff, Hitchcock and Lemaire as the assistants. Not because I don't think any of them don't belong, they're all very accomplished coaches, but rather because of the reputation that they have. They're typically all known as being very defensive coaches, and are certainly not known for their creativity. When you're coaching the best players in the world, you don't need guys who preach slow down-trapping hockey.

On the flip side, you're also going to be playing against the best players in the world on the other teams...so maybe having a defensive focus isn't that bad..

What do I know anyways...


From The East To The West....

June 28, 2009

Out in Nova Scotia this past week doing work on the Toll Facility on the Trans-Canada Highway. One of the neat aspects of the job is that between this trip, and the upcoming trip to Vancouver, I’m going to have a chance to have been to both coasts of the country. Halifax now, Vancouver in February!

So…speaking of the west coast…I’ve been asked by IBI to move to Seattle! How crazy is that?! If it all goes through, I’ll probably end up cancelling the YYZ-YVR flight for myself and end up taking the previously mentioned train up from Seattle. I’m a little disappointed that I won’t have a chance to be on that flight, those 5 hours and all the excitement involved was something I was actually really looking forward to. I’m sure the train ride up will still be really cool, but it will also be predominately Americans I’m sure.

With Beth and I moving out to Seattle, I might look at getting her up to Vancouver for a weekend during the games or something. That 5th ticket to the CAN-SVK game might just have her name on it.


What I Think I'm Most Excited About

June 9, 2009

So put aside the obvious awesomeness of getting things like the Gold Medal Women's Hockey game.

I think one of the things I'm most excited about now is the opportunity to see Canada win a medal, and maybe even sweep a podium.

As you probably don't recall, way back in December 2008 I talked about how I'd like to see the Team-Pursuit Long-Track Speed Skating. I think it'll be awesome to get a chance to go to the Richmond Oval, as it looks amazing, but the biggest reason I'm pumped for it is because I think that both the Canadian Men and Women have to be pretty much locks for medals.

Bitchin' Building!

Before Phase II, we had a few pretty cool events like Women's Canada Hockey and Short Track Speed skating. However, with the Phase II stuff added...I think we're almost guaranteed to see a Canadian Gold. We have the chance with the Curling Medal Games, the Women's Medal Game, Long-Track Speed Skating, Short-Track Speed Skating or the Men's Moguls.

One of those has to hit!

Perhaps the most likely to generate a Canadian Gold is the Men's Moguls, where twice last World Cup season Canada swept the medals. I think aside from a Canadian Men's Hockey Gold, a podium sweep would be the most amazing thing that could happen during these games...and to actually have been there for it...well...would be incredible.

Its probably a long shot, but it's totally a possibility.


The Resale Market - Part II

On top of those tickets I listed below for the events we're going to, we also have a fairly decent collection of 'extra' tickets now. Some of these we picked up on purpose, in order to sell off or because we thought we might know others who want to go. For the others, we've now picked up better events during that time period, so we'll sell off the crappier event.

We may end up using some of these ourselves, like Mrs. Kauks ‘3rd’ IH002 ticket and the USA Men’s Hockey Games. In terms of legit-face value we have just over $3k worth to turn back, split 4 ways.

Thats alot of money!


Ticketing Recap

With Phase II over, we're probably now about 95% done all of the planning for this shin-dig. We have the tickets, we have the hotels, we have the flights....we're pretty much good to go!

I thought given the addition of the Phase II tickets, I'd recap what we've got so far in terms of tickets. This list is only for Pam and I as Ben and Andrea have a slightly different lineup. How much does Day 10 Rock:

Day 1 - Nothing (Arrive, Opening Ceremonies)

Day 2 - Women's Hockey - Canada v. Slovakia - Lower Bowl

Day 3 - Men's Moguls - B Level

Day 4 - Men's Snowboard Cross - B Level

Day 5 - Men's Hockey - USA v. Switzerland - Upper Bowl
Day 5 - Men's Hockey - Canada v. Norway - Upper Bowl

Day 6 - Women's Hockey - Canada v. Sweden - Upper Bowl

Day 7 - Men's Hockey - USA v. Norway - Upper Bowl
Day 7 - Men's Hockey - Canada v. Switzerland - Lower Bowl

Day 8 - Women's Curling - A Level

Day 9 - Short Track Speed Skating - W 1500m/M 1000m - Lower Bowl

Day 10 - Men's Hockey - Russia v. Czech R. - Lower Bowl
Day 10 - Men's Hockey - Canada v. USA - Lower Bowl
Day 10 - Vancouver Victory Ceremony

Day 11 - Men's Curling - A Level
Day 11 - Women's Curling - A Level

Day 12 - Women's Bobseld - B Level

Day 13 - Nothing

Day 14 - Women's Hockey - GOLD MEDAL GAME - Upper Bowl

Day 15 - Women's Curling - GOLD MEDAL GAME - A Level

Day 16 - Men's Curling - GOLD MEDAL GAME - A Level
Day 16 - Long Track Speed Skating - Team Pursuit

Day 17 - Nothing (Men's Gold Medal Hockey Game)


Phase II Tickets - Holy Crap

Well the Phase II ticket sale was on Saturday....and holy crap did we make out like bandits!!

Going in, I'd really hoped for just one or two new events, just to fill out the schedule a little bit.

Somehow we were able to get all 3 accounts (Ben, Scott, Pam) signed in within about the first 15 minutes. Ben got in almost right away, not even being put into the Virtual Waiting Room. I was able to get in about 5 minutes into the process, and once Ben was done getting his tickets, he was able to get in with Pam's account too. I've heard of people waiting up to an hour to get in, so the fact we got in 3 times in the first 15 minutes is insane!

As a result, we went waaaayyyy over what I'd been expecting to spend. I'd estimated that we'd drop about $500 each MAX. However, when it was all said and done, we were up to $4162.

Well what did we get for all that money? Check it out:


A careful read of that list will show that not only did we get a crapload of tickets, but the ones we got were 'effin amazing:

- Men's Halfpipe for Ben and Andrea?....CHECK!
- Women's GOLD MEDAL HOCKEY for Pam and I?...CHECK
- BOTH Gold Medal Curling Games?.....CHECK!
- All 3 Canada Men's Prelim Hockey Games?....CHECK!

Effing Eh!


Phase II Tickets - Final Prep

June 5, 2009

Tickets go on sale tomorrow. Yesterday VANOC announced that they had come up with about 50,000 more tickets, bringing the total to about 200,000. I think things are gonna be really busy tomorrow, so I'm still thinking that getting tickets to even 2 more events would be a HUGE win.

As a result of discussions with the crew, and the fact that Ben and Andrea are now occupied on Day 2, I've revised our plan of attack. I'm still waiting to hear from Pam on what she'd want to do re: the Men's Gold Medal Game if by some miracle its there (Cause I'm Torn) but otherwise, this is the list we'll be using tomorrow:


More Tickets! Again!

Again, we just keep adding to the total. One of the teachers from my mother's school is no longer going to the games (she only got tickets to one event), so we're going to be taking those tickets off her hands!

Of course, it doesnt hurt that she has 3 B-Level tickets to the Canada-Slovakia Women's Hockey Game (IH002).

Pam and I already had tickets to this one, but now Ben and Andrea will get a chance to tag along. We're paying face-value, so its only going to ring us up for $150 total.


First Ticket Designs

Yesterday VANOC unveiled the first round of ticket designs. They've only published four so far: Opening Ceremonies, Hockey, Curling and X-Country Skiing, but I must say that they're growing on me.

Could Be Worse!

I'd have to say so far I've been actually pretty OK with the designs of everything VANOC has come up with. That might sound like a backhanded insult, but considering how often corporations screw stuff up when it comes to logos/branding, the fact that I don't totally hate things is pretty impressive. I think the only thing that is keeping me from really like them is the palette. I still don't 100% love the Green-Blue, even if I do understand the link to Sea-to-Sky. I'd still like to see a little red/white palette for 'Canada's Games' I guess.

Kinda like the one I'm using on the blog....


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