Olympic Bus Network Tickets

December 14, 2009

So, after a few technical glitches, I was able to book our ‘Olympic Bus Network’ tickets for the various events we have at Cypress Mountain. At about $14 return, you can’t really argue with the price…although it maybe would have been nice if it was just built into the price of the ticket since there is no other option on how to get there. They are print-at-home tickets, and look something like this:

Anyways, we required OBN tickets for 5 events:

Day 3 – Men’s Moguls – 12:05 Departure for Ben, Andrea, Scott and Pam
Day 4 – Men’s SBX – 8:35 Departure for Ben, Andrea, Scott and Pam
Day 6 – Men’s Halfpipe – 11:10 Departure for Ben and Andrea
Day 11 – Men’s Aerials – 15:45 Departure for Ben and Andrea
Day 16 – Men’s PGS – 8:05 Departure for Beth and Jen

Cross my fingers, but unless I'm forgetting something....I think we're now all booked! Flights, Hotels, Tickets, Buses, Trains...all set and ready to go!

For anyone else looking to book tickets, they can be purchased at:


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