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December 30, 2009

So today is finally here - Roster Selection Time! Its been a favorite topic of converstation across this country for months, if not years. But today, the speculation ends, and we find out who will comprise one of the most important teams we have ever assembled...

This tournament quite honestly has the potential to surpass the 1972 series in terms of national importance. Can you imagine the hysteria if we get into the gold medal game, and someone scores a game-winning goal in the form of Paul Henderson?

In advance of todays annoucement, there are still a large number of questions to be answered. We actually know surprisingly little in terms of who will comprise the team:

Assuming that Yzerman takes 13 forwards, there are probably only a few that can be considered locks at this point: Crosby, Iginla, Nash, Thornton, Heatley and Getzlaf.  That leaves 7 open spots to be contested, although there are 'probables'. Guys I think will be there include Corey Perry, Jon Toews and Mike Richards.

That leaves a large bubble, and the list is long: Eric Staal, Marleau, Morrow, Doan, Smyth, Stamkos, Sharp, St. Louis, Fisher.....even just to name a few.

Although I know its a longshot, I'm personally pulling for Ryan Smyth to make this team. Not only because I have his Team Canada jersey already, but because I think he brings an element of grit and determination that can really inspire a team. Its pretty hard to not drop to block a shot or finish your check when Ryan Smyth is sitting at the end of the bench after just taking a puck to the teeth.

Things are a little clearer on the back-end, where Pronger, Neidermayer, Boyle, Weber and Keith are probably locks. That really leaves maybe 5 guys fighting for the last two spots: Bouwmeester, Seabrook, Doughty, Green and Phaneuf.

I personally think that it will be Bouwmeester and Doughty, but I most combinations of those 5 guys are possible. The only thing I would be surprised by would be if both Green and Phaneuf make it. Considering their styles of play, I think its a one-or-the-othere there, I can't see them both being on.

Its probably the worst kept secret in the country that it'll be Broduer, Luongo and Fleury. My bet is on Marty to get the start come February, but that won't be decided today.

From where I'm sitting, I think that there are three main contenders for the Captaincy: Neidermayer, Iginla and Crosby. I'd personally like to see Iggy with it...I like his passion over Neidermayer's. Really though, I'll be happy as long as they keep the 'C' off Crosby's jersey. I think that if Canada is going to win gold, Sidney needs to be Canada's best player. I'd rather have someone else dealing with the distraction of wearing the 'C', and let Crosby focus on just playing hockey.

I'll be watching this part of the proceedings closely. I've already decided that I'll be getting one of these...Now I just need to know what letter I can put on the front....

Regardless, today should be excellent drama...and who is left off this team will be just as much a topic of discussion as who makes it.


rob December 30, 2009 at 8:52 AM  

Good picks. Most things that I've read have Mike Richards as pretty close to a lock, which sort of surprises me. I wouldn't put him ahead of guys like Marleau or St. Louis considering the kind of year that Richards has had so far.

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