Phase II Tickets

May 29, 2009

On June 6, the Phase II ticket sell off is scheduled to take place. Reports say that there are about 150,000 tickets set to go on sale, so hopefully we'll be able to get ahold of at least one or two more events. The monkey wrench from my point of view is that tickets go on sale at 1 PM EST on Saturday....and I have a wedding to goto at 2 PM.

That means I can probably only spend about 30 minutes or so trying to get into the system. I can't remember how long it took during the 'Priority Access Period', but its going to take some luck to get in that quickly I think. Hopefully Ben and Andrea are around and able to help try and log on.

In terms of what we're trying to get, I cross-referenced our exisitng tickets with the competition schedule so that we wouldn’t pick up tickets to anything already at a time we have...or during something like a Team Canada hockey game. Don't wanna be watching ski-jumping during the CAN-USA game!

Still have to finalize the list with Ben, but here is what I think we'll end up going after.


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