More Tickets...Somebody Stop Me...

December 21, 2009

So I did something that was either really really smart...or...really really stupid.

With the launch of the Fan-to-Fan Marketplace, VANOC released another small block of tickets. One of the events that came up available was the Russia-Czech Republic Men's Hockey Game.

We already have eight tickets to this game, and only plan on using 4 of them. But that didn't stop me from picking up ANOTHER 4 tickets...bringing our total to 12. Why would I do that? Two reasons:

#1) To sell. Because the VANOC Fan-to-Fan marketplace allows you to sell above face value, if we don't have anyone out there who wants the extra tickets, we should be able to re-sell the tickets at a bit of a profit.

#2) To upgrade. We were originally going to use tickets in the 10th row, right behind the one net. Not bad seats at all!! However, these tickets that I just grabbed are on THE RED LINE! In the 9th row, right behind the player benches. I think this are pretty much THE best seats in the entire arena. So...we'll sit in these, and sell our 'crappy' ones behind the net.

Its a little risky to take on more tickets. But they all SHOULD sell, we SHOULD make a little money off the extra's anyways, and we 100% have amazing seats to that game now.

I was very very close to buying Opening Ceremonies tickets today. They also came up as availible during the marketplace launch...but I just couldn't justify putting $2000-3000 on my credit card, even if they would almost certainly re-sell. Its not worth tying that much money up just to make a couple hundred bucks. So...I passed on OC tickets...


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