'Roar of the Rings' - Men's Draw 3

December 8, 2009

The Men hit the ice twice today for the first time, with both the morning and evening draws. The Men's side has spread out a little more than the Women's so far, with two teams at 2-0/0-2.

Men’s Draw 3 – 10:30 AM

Martin (1-1) v. Middaugh (0-2)
Martin maybe let hubris get the better of him in Draw 2 vs. Pat Simmons. Martin had the option to draw to the four-foot for one, and the tie, in the 10th, but decided to go for the triple instead. He missed, and handed the win to Simmons. He'll look to avoid a similar mistake this morning.

Middaugh is really down to his last strike, going to 0-3 will probably end his week. Martin is not the opponent you want to go into a 'must-win' against, but thats where Middaugh is at.

Simmons (1-1) v. Ferbey (1-1)
Two 1-1 teams go head-to-head this morning here. Simmons is coming off the aformentioned win over Martin, and will look to stay on a roll against Ferbey.

Ferbey was blown out pretty good by Stoughton yesterday, so he'll need to rebound. Ferbey has a relatively 'easy' day, with Simmons and Gunnlaugson. It'll be key for Ferbey to get two wins today, before having to finish off against Martin/Howard/Koe.

Gunnlaugson (0-2) v. Howard (2-0)
'Gunner' wasn't quite as impressive against Koe as he was versus Martin on Sunday, dropping his game 7-2 in eight ends. Things don't get easier with Howard on the schedule.

Howard was able to build on his gift win from Stoughton, extending his streak to 2-0 by beating Middaugh. Howard is the favorite here, and can really set himself up well for a playoff berth if he can go to 3-0.

Koe (2-0) v. Stoughton (1-1)

Koe has done everything he's had to so far, opening up with wins over Simmons and Gunnlaughson. Now the task gets a little tougher, as he'll start playing the higher seeds. Not the end of the world if he drops to 2-1, but as with Howard, 3-0 is a nice place to be.

That loss against Howard is going to haunt Stoughton all week, as he's now used up one of his strikes. It means he's walking on the edge sooner than he'd like to be. Dropping to 1-2 here would be tough with a night matchup against Martin on tap.


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