'Roar of the Rings' - Women's Draw 4

December 8, 2009

Oh thank god. Jones beat Kelly Scott last night in Draw 3, pretty much making my day. That puts both teams at 1-2...keeping Jones alive, and putting Scott in a much tougher place.

Going into the week, I thought that any team at 3 losses would be in trouble. But things have bunched up so much with all the 1-2 teams that a 3-loss week will probably mean making a tiebreaker of some sort still. There is still alot of curling to be played, so thats not for sure....but a 3-loss team has a better chance than they thought I would at this point.

Women’s Draw 4 – 3:00 PM

Lawton (1-2) v. Holland (1-2)
After an opening night upset of Jones, Amber Holland had a less than ideal Monday, dropping both games. She needs to stop the slide now, already being at 2 losses.

Lawton took a tough loss to McCarville last night, and is a bit of a surprise to be at 1-2...she has played well, but hasn't seen the results.

Webster (1-2) v. Jones (1-2)
Jones pulled off a huge win last night over Kelly Scott off the back of a raise-double for 5. Not only did she play much better (89%), but by avoiding the 3rd loss, she's give herself a chance to get back into it with a win today. 2-2 looks alright if Jones can get there.

Webster probably wishes she could have caught Jones earlier in the week. She will be in tough if Jones has truly rebouned. She is at 1-2 right now, and a 1-3 start would not end her week...but again...not ideal.

Scott (1-2) v. Bernard (3-0)
Kelly Scott dropped the pivotal matchup against Jones last night, for the simple reason that she now has to face Bernard right after. Its a real possibility that she could find herself at 1-3 here. As I mentioned, this isn't the back-breaker I though it might be, but its still not ideal. In her favour, after Bernard she'll have played all the big guns...her home stretch draw is a little lighter than other teams.

Bernard has had no problems so far, and can almost clinch a playoff spot with a win here. She stays a full game ahead of the pack, setting herself up well for a bye right to the finals.

Kliebrink (2-1) v. McCarville (2-1)
Shannon Kliebring rebounded from a Sunday night upset to take both of her Monday Games. She will look to move to 3-1 today against McCarville.

McCarville made a nice shot last night to take her game against Lawton. The interesting note is that with the two 2-1 teams going head to head, the loser will sit at 2-2 with everyone who wins from 1-2. We are going to end up with a situation where the 2-2 teams are all in a tiebreaker after tomorrow.


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