Post Olympic Blues

March 11, 2010

After years of planning and excitement, 3 unforgettable weeks, it's all over... and Scott and I are blue. We feel there's a significant lack of excitement in our lives. Not that our lives are boring, by no means is that the case, but we haven't been to a major sporting event, haven't cheered until we lose our voices, haven't clapped until our palms hurt and haven't chanted CAN-A-DA in what feels like forever!

There has been talk of Sochi in 2014, but we don't want to make any decisions until we see how they plan on running it and if decent tickets will be available to Canadians.

Okay, I guess I should stop wallowing and get back to work now.


Mitten Mayhem Tuesday - The Final

March 2, 2010

CANADA WINS THE GOLD MEDAL IN MEN'S HOCKEY!! Here I am celebrating in Vancouver!!



Beth's Top 5 Olympic Moments!

In no particular order, here are my top 5 Vancouver 2010 moments!

1. Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir winning gold, and then seeing the rings change to gold!

2. Being in Whistler and being able to take this amazing picture:

3. The Peak to Peak Gondola between Blackcomb and Whistler Mountains.

4. Sitting in Pacific Coliseum before the Figure Skating Gala and getting really emotional because I know the Olympics are coming to an end and it's been an amazing trip!

5. Team Canada Men's Hockey winning Gold and seeing how happy Scott is!!!

AMAZING TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're considering Sochi 2014 :)



March 1, 2010

Wow....the YWCA had an airport for $11 each we went direct from the hotel to airport. Airport said to get here 4-5 hours we did...and the place is almost empty. Through security and checked bags in less than 30 mins...less than an hour hotel to gate....that's amazing...

So since we are so early, Pam and I are now on standby for an earlier flight! Might get out of here at 11:30 AM...


Robson Street

February 28, 2010


Figure Skating Gala, Beth's Personal Heaven!!

February 27, 2010

Mere moments!! Skaters include:
Takahashi, Pang & Tong, Ando, Faiella & Scali, Chan, Rochette, Belbin
& Agosto, Plushenko, Zhang & Zhang, Davis & White, Kim, Shen & Zhao,
Lysacek and Virtue & Moir!!!


Short Track Medals

February 26, 2010

Hamelin Gold, Tremblay Bronze in the Mens 500m!!! The Mens 5000m Relay finals go later tonight....Canada is in the A finals for that as well


Joannie Rochette wins Bronze & Women's Hockey wins Gold!

February 25, 2010

Great few days for Canada! Yesterday 4 medals, today, 2!!!

We went to the Women's Gold Medal Hockey game, Canada vs. USA. Canada won 2-0!!!

Scott's Hockey Pics:

Beth's Hockey Pics:

After the game, Pam, Jen, Scott and I went to a gay bar called The Score to meet up with Scott Dumas and Damonde Tschritter (Yuk's comedians) to watch the women's long program!! I was very nervous for Joannie, but she rose above everything and had an amazing skate!! I'm so proud of her, as is Canada!! And now I will get to see her skate at the Gala on Saturday!


Cynthia Phaneuf placed 13th overall.

Scott's Post-Game Pics:

Tomorrow, Scott and Pam are at the women's gold medal curling, Jen and I have the day off, we will probably wander the city aimlessly :)

I would like to apologize for not updating the blog as regularly as we should, it's very hard when we are really only in the room to sleep!! Speaking of sleep...


Day 13: Snowboarding

So we finally have one day without an event, and what do we do? Snowboard Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains of course!

Beth's Snowboarding Pics:

Scott's Snowboarding Pics:

After coming off the hill, we were able to get to Amsterdam's Pub in time to watch Canada crush Russia 7-3!!

Beth's Post-Snowboarding Pics:


Day 12: Whister Walkabouts and Women's Bobsled

After the double-curling day, we spent two days up in Whistler....with Pam and I taking in Runs 1 & 2 of the Women's Bobsled. Canada would go on to win Gold and Silver the next day.

Scott's Pre-Bobsled Pics:

Beth's Pre-Bobsled Pics:

Scott's Bobsled Pics:

Scott's Post-Bobsled Pics:

Beth's Post-Bobsled Pics:


Day 11: Post-Game

Okay....back at it...

After the Curling on Day 11, our adventures were kind of a mixed bag, people off in different directions....but pics are below...


Behind Again

Way behind in uploading again. There is just too much to do to spend time too much time in front of the computer.

I have played catchup a bit and added more pics to previous scroll down a bit and you might see something new.

For us today...its the Women's Gold Medal Hockey Game....Go Canada Go!


Figure Skating - Women's Short Program

February 23, 2010

We're in Whistler now, here we go with the Women's Short Program!

Phaneuf (Canada)
She had a decent enough skate. Fell on some connecting steps which was kind of dumb.
SCORE - 57.16

Kim (Korea)
Had a great skate! She has set a new World Record!
SCORE - 78.50

Rochette (Canada)

Her mother passed away 2 days ago, I really hope she can keep it together and have a great skate for herself and her mom!
-tlutz, double toe - beautiful!
-triple flip - great!
-double axel was fantastic!

-she came off the ice crying... I started crying as well. So hard. GOOD FOR HER!!!!
SCORE - 71.36

Rochette following her short program.


Mitten Mayhem Tuesday - Live from Robson Square!

Here's Jen and I after the fireworks display at Robson Square!! The show there was amazing, so much fun!

The mittens will be retired next week, I will post ONE MORE Mitten Mayhem picture next week!


We've Arrived In Whistler

Little slow in the village right now, which is awesome for snagging crowds...


Virtue and Moir are GOLDEN!!!

February 22, 2010

More to come later, I'm currently at a bar so I can't go into detail, but VIRTUE AND MOIR HAVE WON GOLD!!!!

And then I was so excited and happy for them, I started to cry :) That's when it really hit me that I'm AT the Olympics!!


Day 11: Women's Curling

After the Men's game, we ducked out for a quick lunch.....when rather randomly Kevin Martin dropped into the same place. Didn't get a chance to get a pic or autograph, he practically ran out the door, but cool nonetheless.

We then headed back for the Women's Draw. Sweden and Canada both went into the draw at 5-1, but Sweden played like Canada a fairly easy win. Combined with the Chinese loss to Russia today, I think Canada has clinced first on the women's side as well now.

Scott's Pics:

Beth's Pics:

Pam's Pics:


Day 11: Men's Curling

Were out to the Vancouver Olympic Centre for a twin-bill of curling today. First was the Men...CAN-USA the main event. It was nice to get a touch of retribution back for last night. Canada has now clinched first place, which is always key.

Scott's Pics:

Beth's Pics:

Pam's Pics:


Day 10: Victory Ceremony and Post-Game

Victory Ceremony was OK at best...nosebleed seats took any enjoyment out of the concert. Headed out to the Cambie afterwards, and also took a late night swing past the flame:

Victory Ceremonies: Scott's Pics

Victory Ceremonies: Beth's Pics

Victory Ceremonies: Pam's Pics

Post Game: Scott's Pics

Post Game: Beth's Pics

Post Game: Pam's Pics


Day 10: Canada v. USA

Amazing seats, amazing atmosphere...crappy result. I didnt' take too many pictures as we were behind the netting, which makes any pictures look like they're through a chain-link fence. Regardless:

Scott's Pics:

Pam's Pics:


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