US Olympic Figure Skating Team - Pairs

February 5, 2010

Let's see what the States are sending to the Olympics for Pairs Figure Skating.

Caydee Denney & Jeremy Barrett
- 2010 US Gold Medalists, 2009 US Silver Medalists
Here is their Long Program from 2010 Nationals:

It's a little strange that they didn't do a lift until about 3 minutes into their program. Good skate, but judging by what the announcers are saying, they had a good skate but it's not a common thing. So that's good for the Canadian teams! Dube and Davison won the Canadian Nationals this year with a total score of 198.27. Denney and Barrett have won the US Nationals this year with a total score of 190.30.

Amanda Evora & Mark Ladwig - 2010 US Silver Medalists
Here is Amanda and Mark's Long Program from 2010 Nationals:

Okay, they are wearing my favourite colour. I love them. :) But now to watch the skating. Messy side by side combination jumps, she fell on a throw jump, they were totally out of unison on side by side spins... and again with the not doing a lift until after 3 minutes into the program. weird. AMAZING lift 4:10 into the program... WOW. It's actually fairly impressive that they finished 2nd with so many mistakes, it must be the colour of their outfits! :)


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