Day 4: Randomness

February 15, 2010

After we were bumped from SBX, ended up having a fairly random day.

The day started off with an interview request from the CBC over our cancelled tickets. We ended up deciding against it, just to avoid becoming caught up in a negative story.

So...we decided to start bar hopping in order to watch the afternoon events. We headed to the Steamworks Brewry to watch the SBX event that we were supposed to be at. At it turned out Mike 'From Canmore' Robertson took the Silver Medal! Good on you!

The biggest news that arrived from the Steamworks however was that Andrea would be going to the Bilodeau Victory Ceremony!! Her Aunt had an extra ticket, and offered it up to her. I was totally jealous, but at the same time happy that at least one of us got into that amazing ceremony! I lent her my camera so she could grab some HD the overall results from the day are posted below!

My Camera (Scott/Andrea's Pics)

Pam's Pics


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