Beth and Jen trek to BC!

February 21, 2010

I picked Jen up at 11am on Saturday and we were on our way to start
our journey! We got to my parents house at 12 where we printed out
boarding passes and switched our luggage over to my dad's suv.

My parents drove us to Buffalo and we were all checked in by 2:30. Lots
of lounging in the airport until our 4:30 flight (it was delayed but
only 20 minutes). Got in the 16th row on the plane, which also
happened to be the last row of this microscopic airplane! We
experienced a bit of turbulance on the landing but got into Chicago's
O'Hare airport for 6:45. Our flight out of Chicago was at 7:45 (still
Toronto time). We landed in Seattle at 12:30am (9.30pm), then we
hopped on the Light Rail Link (which I STILL have problems saying!!)
and took it to Westlake station. Once we got off the train, we needed
to get about 10 blocks to the Best Western. There were some
"interesting characters" on the street, so we decided to take a cab.
We got to the hotel, checked in, ordered a pizza and then passed out.

Wake up call at 5am (gross!!) we got our stuff tigeher, checked out
and took a cab to the Seattle Amtrak station. Checked in there, we
were very surprised by the security, drug dogs, security with huge
guns on them at all times. Welcome to America! :) We are currently on
the train, more to come later with pictures!!


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