7 Days to Go!: Quick Hits

February 5, 2010

This time one week from now I’ll be just getting to Downtown Vancouver!!! Woohoo!

There are so many little things going on around the ‘Olympics World’ right now....too many to really spend time on each one of them. I really suggest that you check out Twitter to keep up to date on everything, its pretty much my primary news source! If you need some help getting started, check out who I’m following at: http://twitter.com/scottdfraser

Over the next week I’m going to have to find time to get done all those little things that have to get wrapped up before heading out. I’ve decided to get a second camera battery (better safe than sorry!), I need a new Team Canada hat, I need to get my Team Canada jersey back from the HHOF, I’ve got to print off all our confirmations and organize a trip binder, I gotta pack at some point…..the list goes on…and on..and on…

Just trying to knock one or two items off the ‘to-do’ list every day!


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