Day 6 - IH013 - Canada v. Sweden

February 17, 2010

Pam and I had the Women's Canada-Sweden game today out at UBC. I was predicting a close game, but it turned out to be anything but...13-1

That makes the total combined score from the three Canada games 43-1

We started out in our 'real' seats, but Vanoc installed a giant secondary scoreboard right infront of our squashes. Made no sense as to why they were even the main board had more info on it anyways...the main board that was blocked for us.

So, rather than get upset..we just moved down into the high-class seats. We watched the 2nd and 3rd periods four rows behind the Canadian Bench.

Other highlight of the day was walking to the Canada Line...we happened to bump into a Medal-Wearing Frenchman. As it turns out, it was Tony Ramoin, who picked up bronze in the Men's SBX.

Scott's Pics:

Pam's Pics:


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