Figure Skating - Pairs Long Program

February 15, 2010

I've decided to only blog about the top 8 pairs as the others won't have a chance to get on the podium, and the 2 Canadian teams are in the top 8 anyways.

First, I have to say the French team of James and Bonheur really impressed me!!! They had a tremendous long program, they will be a threat in the future for sure!

Volosozhar and Morozov from the Ukraine are skating to Pearl Harbor which is what I skated to for my final program before I stopped skating... yeah yeah, I'm tearing up. They had a good skate, a couple of errors, but still very good.

Langlois / Hay (Canada) 64.20 -7th after the Short Program
-I'm so nervous... GO CANADA GO!!!
-perfect double twist
-side by side triple sows - she fell
-throw triple sow - perfect!
-side by side triple toe - double toes , both were great, they fought for the landings
-throw triple flip, she landed on two feet
TOTAL SCORE - 179.97
Well that's a shame, they won't get a medal. The worst they can do is 9th.

Langlois & Hay

Zhang / Zhang (China) 71.28 -5th after the Short Program
-side by side double axle triple toe combo, he fell
-side by side triple sows, perfect unison
-triple twist - huge!
-throw triple loop looked so easy!
-throw triple sow was perfect as well
TOTAL SCORE - 194.34
What a great skate! Good for them!

Mukhortova / Trankov (Russia) 63.44 - 8th after the Short Program
-huge triple twist
-side by side triple sow, she fell
-another side by side was very off in unison
-great throw triple loop
-throw triple sow was great too
TOTAL SCORE - 185.79
They are skating to Love Story, which is what Jamie Sale and David Pelletier won gold with in Salt Lake City. It's funny because they are commentating, so they keep saying how it brings back all the memories.

Dube / Davison (Canada) 65.36 - 6th after the Short Program
-the nerves are back... A LOT. C'mon Jess and Bryce!!!! You can do it!!!
-triple twist was perfect
-side by side double axle, double axle was perfect
-side by side triple sows she fell... damnit!
-throw triple flip, she two footed the landing
-throw triple loop - landed!!!!!
TOTAL SCORE - 187.11
That's really too bad... they are totally capable or skating better than that.
The worst they can do is 6th.

Dube & Davison

Kavaguti / Smirnov (Russia) 74.16 - 3rd after the Short Program
-throw quad sow - she tripled it and put her hand sown on the landing
-side by side triples were perfect
-great triple twist
-side by side double axles, he stepped out of the landing and then they weren't able to do the 2nd double axle
-she fell on a throw triple
TOTAL SCORE - 194.77
Too bad, they started out strong, it kind of fell apart at the mid-point.

Savchenko / Szolkowy (Germany ) 75.96 - 2nd after the Short Program
-side by side triple toe, triple toe - she doubled the 2nd triple toe
-throw triple flip was beautiful
-they both had problems with the side by side double axles
-unison problems in the side by side spins... similarly to Kavaguti and Smirnov, they are breaking down now
-triple twist was great
-beautiful throw triple jump
TOTAL SCORE - 210.60

Pang / Tong (China) 71.50 - 4th after the Short Program
-side by side double axle, double axle combo were great
-side by side triples were perfect
-HUGE triple twist
-HUGE triple throw!!!
-throw triple loop was perfect too! Good for them!
TOTAL SCORE - 213.31
A podium performance for sure!!! What a great skate!!

Shen / Zhao (China) 76.66 - 1st after the Short Program
-side by side triple toes were perfect
-side by side double axle - double axles, also perfect
-she fell out of a lift! oh my god! That never happens with them!! eeks!!
-huge triple twist
-throw triple loop was amazing
-throw triple sow was perfect as well
TOTAL SCORE - 216.57
I think that even with that lift problem, they've won gold. I'm fairly sure of it. Let's wait and see!

 Shen & Zhao

3. Savchenko / Szolkowy from Germany
2.Pang / Tong from China
1. Shen / Zhao from China

6. Dube / Davison
9. Langlois / Hay


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