The Excellent Olympic Adventure: Day 2

February 13, 2010

So looking back at last nights ceremony, I was generally pretty impressed. There were definity more than a couple of 'wow' moments. Its all kinda a blur to me right now, but from what I remember my favorite parts were the Orcas and the stage from the fiddling section.

Going in, I was also a little concerned that things might be overly cheesy. But I thought they did a good job limiting the 'camp' factor.

Critisims are obviously that the digntaries weren't in the box to start things off...and the torch lighting. I wasn't a fan that they had 5 people, I really didn't like that it the torch malfunctioned, and I thought Gretzky's run through the town felt tacked on. It could have been done better, thats for sure. Quick Photostream below from our walk over to and at Robson Square:

But anyways, here we go, our first day with an event! I've been having a blast so far, and we haven't really 'done' anything yet! I can't wait to get inside Canada Hockey Place tonight and see what that crowd is like.

So the biggest question is: Who Will Win Canada's First Gold?

What we know for sure, is that the man who was going to have our first shot won't have that chance now. The Men's Downhill, and Manuel Osborne-Paradis' chance to make history, has been moved to the 15th.

Aside from the Short-Track and Moguls...the other big item of note today for Canada is the start of the Womens' Hockey Tournament: Canada v. Slovakia. Of course...thats where I'll be. Can't wait!


Lisa February 13, 2010 at 11:18 AM  

Your blog is great! I really enjoy following along with your adventures, and looking at the photos of Vancouver has been awesome! Keep it up, and enjoy yourselves!

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