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February 4, 2010

Jeremy Abbott- 2010 & 2009 US Gold Medalist
This is Jeremy's Long Program from the US Nationals last week:

Wow, HUGE quad-toe! Total score that won him the US Nationals - 263.66, and to compare, Patrick Chan's total score at the Canadian Nationals was 268.02.

Evan Lysacek -2010 US Silver Medalist, 2009 US Bronze Medalist, 2007 & 2008 US Gold Medalist
Check out Evan's National Long Program:

Fell on his opening quad. Doubled a triple loop. Nothing really outstanding.
He's 6'2!! Wow, not a typical figure skater height!

Johnny Weir - 2010 US Bronze Medalist, 2009 5th at Nationals, 2008 US Silver Medalist, 2007 US Bronze Medalist 2004-2006 US Gold Medalist
Here's Johnny's National Long Program:

I feel like the style of Johnny's skating puts men's figure skating back 20 years. First of all, he's wearing more make up and more fur and sparkles than most of the women figure skaters... he's really just perpetuating the "gay figure skater" stereotype, and I HATE that!! Okay, now I'm going to pay attention to his skating.

He singled a triple axle, stepped out of a triple lutz-toe combo. Again, nothing special.

Out of the 3, I really only think Jeremy Abbott has the potential to be a medal contender. We shall see!


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