OK, Bring on the Games!

February 3, 2010

I've been procrastinating any Olympic planning over the last couple weeks due to the dreaded activity known as "moving." Andrea and I moved into a new place on Sunday, and I'll admit, after all the moving was done, the new place is pretty badass:

- awesome view of downtown Calgary? check. 
- huge balcony (30' wide!)? check. 
- huge kitchen? check. 
- space for all our crap? check. 
Space is the new black.

Now that moving is done I'm stoked to get to Vancouver! Andrea and I are driving out on the morning of the 12th, leaving from cowtown at 4AM, stopping in Golden for breakfast, maybe Kamloops for lunch, and hopefully arriving in downtown Vancouver (via Skytrain, parking in Langley) just in time for opening ceremonies... although we're sketchy that we'll actually make it on time (weather, traffic, bad lunchtime service in Kamloops). It will be tight. But we will get there, and be able to enjoy the games in all their glory! Wooo Hooo bring on Van2010!



Scott Fraser February 4, 2010 at 8:19 AM  

You're going to be effing exhausted...but it'll be worth it!

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