Calgary's decked out in red and white - one day to go!

February 11, 2010

So here we are, on the eve of the most excellent adventure ever planned, and I am more excited I've ever been for Christmas morning... Tomorrow Andrea and I will make the trek thru the mountains (while Scott and Pam fly over us... ) en route to Vancouver 2010!

Today I'm sporting my fancy new olympic hockey jersey (in white), and there are more than a few Calgarians that have done the same. As a former Olympic host city, I'd be willing to wager we are more into the games here than anywhere else outside the lower mainland. Office buildings are painted with images of speed skaters, lugers and snowboarders, people are wearing team Canada gear, and there is certainly an air of excitement in the city! Can't believe we are almost here, after all the planning, sometimes frantic ticket release sessions... We'll see the torch lit tomorrow night...

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I wasn't around for the Calgary games, so I borrowed this excellent photo from the interwebs. Hopefully the tower is lit tonight again in cowtown

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I can’t wait for the Winter Olympics, especially men’s hockey! I am a huge NHL fan, so it will be neat to see players represent their countries. In some cases, there are going to be players on the same NHL team competing against each other during the Olympics. It will definitely be a lot of fun to watch, even though the NHL will shut down during the time.

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