One Month to Go!!

January 13, 2010

Starting to look like the Olympics might be coming to town...

It’s hard to believe that, as of yesterday, there is only one more month to go before the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics! I still remember watching the announcement that Vancouver had won the games way back in 2003….but fast forward 7 years, and they are almost a reality…wow…

With 30 Days to go, we’re essentially ready to go. Oh sure, there are the minor things…a couple tickets to still sell back, double check this reservation, remember to pack that, but we’re 95% of the way there. It’s all fine-tuning from here until I step on the plane February 12th!

From what I’ve been able to surmise from pictures, it really looks like the ‘Olympic Makeover’ is in full-swing in Vancouver. I suggest you swing on over to, where there is a good thread on “The Look of the Games”

The big thing for me over the next month will be to now find a way to mentally switch from ‘planning’ mode to ‘excited’ mode. I’ve been so involved with planning this all out over the last year and a half, that through the process it almost feels like the actual event is really never going to happen. The planning and preparation becomes the event itself, and you lose sight of the fact that at the end of it all there is a kick-ass trip planned… When you start planning to go a year-and-a-half before the event, you always thing of the Games as being way off in the future, and I just need to realize that things aren’t that far away anymore!!

I’m not sure if that makes sense….but it’s about turning the line on a spreadsheet that says ‘Men’s Hockey – CAN v. USA’ into…HOLY CRAP I’M SEEING TEAM CANADA….at the Olympics….On Home Soil…From the 10th Row…

I guess I've just watched the promotional  videos one too many times to get really pumped up by them anymore:) I guess I'll just have to upgrade to the real thing! I know that when I step on that plane February 12th, I'll be ready and rarin' to go!


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