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January 30, 2010

Now that the USA Nationals have come to an end, I thought I'd "size up" their Olympic figure skating team to our Olympic figure skating team. Today I will start with the Women. (although I use the word "women" loosely, they are 17 and 16!)

Rachael Flatt (17 years old) - 2010 US Gold Medalist, 2009 & 2008 US Silver Medalist
Here is Rachael's Long Program from the US Nationals this past week:

For a 17 year old, she skates with maturiry and sophistication like a much older skater! That was a very impessive skate!! For the sake of comparison, her total score for the US National title was 200.11, Joannie Rochette's total score for the Canadian National title was 208.23. Interesting :)

Mirai Nagasu (16 years old) - 2010 Silver Medalist, 2009 5th place (due to a growth spurt) and 2008 - US Gold Medalist.
Here is Mirai's Long Program from the US Nationals:

VERY impressive! I'm actually a little shocked that she was first and Rachael was third heading into the long program and Rachael finished first and Mirai finished second after the long. Oh well, like I have said before, figure skating judging will never truly make sense.

So, after watching these, our ladies will have their work cut out for them in Vancouver!


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