Colbert on Curling

January 5, 2010

Stephen Colbert has been running a gag on 'The Colbert Report' over the last month or so, where he is continually trying out various Olympic Sports. It all started with his sponsorship of the USA Speed Skating Team, and has kinda gone from there.

Anyways, last night was curling....and to a guy like me, national USA exposure of Curling is a pretty big deal.


Libby Issendorf January 6, 2010 at 9:03 AM  

I'm pretty excited to see what Colbert does with speedskating...I know he was in Salt Lake City last week for the Speedskating Championships but I have no idea exactly what went on. Hopefully soon we'll find out!

Came across your blog while helping out the US Speedskating team with their social media efforts. I know you guys are Canadian but if you do want to keep up with the US Speedskating team (and Stephen Colbert's antics/support of them), check out the Facebook page to see some updates.

Can't wait to continue reading your adventures as you get ready to head to Vancouver!

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