Olympic Flame at Canada Place?

January 14, 2010

So, we all know that there is going to be at least one Olympic Flame inside BC Place, as I discussed here. However, a little while back, I linked to a video that kind of suggested that there might be a second outdoor Cauldron over by Canada Place and the International Broadcast Centre. Well…it looks like those rumours have gotten a big boost from the "Look of the Games" thread over at Gamesbids.com.

To quote from 'Go Time Baby':
so it looks like a cauldron is being built at the vancouver convention centre. i went for a walk down there during my break about an hour ago after speculation peaked about whether the structure in this image posted by "mr.x" was potentially a cauldron. i couldn't really see much, so i poked my head in one of the openings at the fence and got the attention of a security guard. i asked him what was being built here and he happy and nonchalantly said in broken english, "not a building, it's the torch for the olympics". i said, "you mean the olympic cauldron"...he looked confused and said, "no you know, this is where they will light the flame. there will be a big flame here during the olympics!" i was quite shocked how easily i got it out of him. i asked how he knew and he said he's been posted here for a month now and seen everything as he put it. a little in disbelief, i walked around to the north side of the fence as far as i could and poked my head in again, saw another security guard and asked him this time, "will they finish this olympic flame in time??". he said, "i surely hope so!"

so if you believe these 2 security guards (and me of course), there will indeed be a cauldron at the VCC. my question is how they will seamless tie this into the opening ceremony, considering they are at opposite ends of downtown vancouver. i just hope its not on big screen in bc place- ack!
Of course this is all just rumour and speculation, but damn if that doesn’t look like the start of a Cauldron behind those tarps. Throw in a little corroboration from the security guards, and you’ve got me believing. It makes sense for a few other reasons, including:
  • The proximity to the International Broadcast Centre would allow for it to be included in promotional shots;
  • It would be visable for people taking pictures of the Olympic Rings in Coal Harbour from the North Shore; and
  • The entire area will actually be closed off to the public, so you don’t have to worry as much about protesters hijacking it.
I suppose we’ll still have to wait a little while to find out if this is true, but if so, it’s very exciting! That would then lead to the question of how they plan on linking the lighting in BC Place Cauldron to the Canada Place Cauldron?


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