Opening Ceremonies Tidbits

January 5, 2010

Over the past few days, a couple of details have started to leak out about the Opening Ceremonies. Of course there is still lots of mystery, but that near-complete secrecy means that the few tidbits that we do know, seem all that much bigger.

The biggest bit of news out there is of course that it seems that there will be a cauldron in the centre of BC Place for the flame. It was first put out there by 24Hours but has since been somewhat confirmed by the request that the Ceremonies Team (David Atkins Enterprises) put in for upgrades to BC Place. That document can also be found from 24 Hours here, and specifies a 4m x 4m x 4m concrete lined pit in the middle of the stadium.

Other items that were requested include:
  • Removal of all the sports lighting;
  • Removal of all existing ad boards;
  • Removal of existing speakers;
  • 8500 temporary seats;
  • A whole crapload of rigging;
  • Entrance Drapes;
  • Repaint all aisles; and
  • Hang 5 large curtains to create a false ceiling in order to hide the roof and improve acoustics.
Global TV has a good summary of what is happening: Video Link

My one big hope is still that there will be an outdoor cauldron of some kind. I dunno, but I just think that there should be a visible symbol outdoors that says the Olympic Games are in town.


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