Whistler Here We Come!

November 17, 2009

I don’t know how we keep doing it, but we keep lucking out.

The latest episode…finding a hotel in Whistler for one night, and at a reasonable price. This late in the game, it’s a miracle to find ANY availability, let alone what we were able to turn up.

Via Travelocity, I was able to get us one night at the Aava Whistler Hotel for the somewhat reasonable price of $260 + tax. That’s still a lot, but considering I was only able to find 2 other rooms, and they were $550 and $650 respectively…I’ll take it and run!

Now it’s 100% that we will be going up on the 23rd, see the bobsled, have a few drinks, stay over, before snowboarding/skiing on the 24th! I can’t wait to just get into Whistler at all, let alone have a chance to get up on the mountain and see bobsled. Just another one of the million things that I’m looking forward to!

Beth says this picture gives her the tinglys!

The best part about this hotel find is that its right in the middle of everything….just like the YWCA is in Vancouver.

Whistler has 6 different Live! Sites going on during the games. Activities are as follows:

Village Common
• Whistler Live! studio headquarters
• Interviews & commentary
• Digital media arts
• 360-degree viewable studio

Skiers Plaza
• CTV sport broadcast
• Nightly Fire & Ice
• DJs
• Street performers
• Mountain canvas art show

Mountain Square
• CTV sport broadcast studio
• 22 hours/day

Village Square
• CTV sport broadcast
• Live music
• Digital arts
• Street performers

Town Plaza
• CTV sport broadcast
• Live music
• Digital arts
• Street performers

Whistler Medals Plaza
• Nightly Victory Ceremonies including national & international headlining concerts
• Paralympic Closing Ceremonies

Mapped out below, you can see how close we are to the action:

View Whistler 2010 in a larger map


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