Phase III Tickets - Lucky!

November 15, 2009

So, yesterday VANOC pulled off a delayed Phase III sell-off. As with Phase II, I must have a horseshoe and rabbits foot stuffed somewhere I don't know about, as we totally lucked out.

Although it wasn't the <5 Mins entry of Phase II, one of my multiple browsers hit about 20 minutes in. Thats pretty good as there are multiple stories of people not getting in for upwards of 6 hours, by which time things were mighty picked over. When I tried to get back in after the initial entry, it took me almost three hours to repeat.

I think that given the problems of last week, maybe VANOC wasn't letting as many people onto the site as they were even at the start of Phase III.

Anyways, onto the heart of the matter...what we got. With Jen and Beth on their way out there, the priority was to get them tickets to some of the events that Pam and I already have tickets for. We managed quite well:

VC008 - 2 GA - Day 10 Victory Ceremony
CU019 - 4 A - Men's Curling (CAN v. USA)
IH046 - 2 A - Women's Gold Medal Hockey
CU031 - 2 A - Women's Gold Medal Curling
SB006 - 2 A - Men's Parallel Giant Slalom Snowboarding
FS010 - 2 C - Figure Skating Gala

As mentioned, most of those are for Jen and Beth, with the exception of the two extra tickets to the CU019 session, which are for Pam and I. As with Phase II, the abundance of good tickets means that we went a little over the budget that was planned, so we'll work that out.

I think we totally lucked out, getting 'Prime' events such as the Figure Skating Gala and the Women's Gold Medal Hockey. This allotment now means that they now have events or plans on every day of their trip....not bad considering we just started putting stuff together for them a couple of weeks ago.

The only thing to do make it complete...its to get two more tickets to the Bobsled Pam and I have up in Whistler, and maybe tickets to the next day's Whistler Victory Ceremony. Hopefully we'll be able to pick those up on the 'Fan Marketplace'...


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