'Road to the Roar' - Final Wrap-up

November 15, 2009

So after 5 days of curling, we now know who the eight teams moving onto Edmonton will be:

Men's A - Stoughton
Men's B - Simmons
Men's C1 - Gunnlaughson
Men's C2 - Middaugh

Women's A - Webster
Women's B - McCarville
Women's C1 - Scott
Women's C2 - Holland

Again, the biggest story from the week was Brad Gushue not making in through. I suppose that it really demonstrates the depth of curling talent in this country when the Gold Medalist from just 4 years ago can't even make it into the Top 8 this time.

On the flip side, Kelly Scott teased me by losing the 'A' and 'B' finals. She was 'this' close to not making in through.....here's hoping someone can knock her off at the 'Roar'....

Final Tournament Bracket


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