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November 19, 2009

So, now that Phase III has kicked off…I think VANOC has to be pretty happy with the interest in tickets sales. As of today (Nov. 19th), out of the hundreds of sessions available, tickets are currently only available for 21 sport sessions, and 7 Victory Ceremonies. The majority of what is left is either preliminary curling or hockey.

A few more things will certainly pop up as available on the Fan-to-Fan Marketplace (PS…open that up already…but its certainly good progress.

Considering most of these sessions that are available are still probably 75% or better sold I’m sure, we can’t be far off a ‘sold out’ Olympics:

CU004 - Women's Qualification
CU005 - Men's Qualification
CU006 - Women's Qualification
CU008 - Women's Qualification
CU010 - Women's Qualification
CU013 - Men's Qualification
CU014 - Women's Qualification
CU018 - Women's Qualification
CU021 - Men's Qualification
CU022 - Women's Qualification

IH010 - Women's FIN-CHN
IH012 - Men's FIN-BLR
IH015 - Women's SVK-SWE
IH016 - Men's CZE-SVK
IH020 - Women's CHN-RUS
IH022 - Men's BLR-SWE
IH023 - Men's CZE-LAT
IH024 - Men's FIN-GER
IH027 - Men's LAT-SVK
IH029 - Men's GER-BLR
IH033 - Women's Semi-Final 1

VC002 - Day 4 Victory Ceremony
VC003 - Day 5 Victory Ceremony
VC004 - Day 6 Victory Ceremony
VC005 - Day 7 Victory Ceremony
VC007 - Day 9 Victory Ceremony
VC009 - Day 12 Victory Ceremony
VC010 - Day 13 Victory ceremony


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