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November 26, 2009

Was over on, and it was posted on the message board that there are a few more tickets up on the official site for sale. Very strange with no announcement.

Anyways, as of right now, there are tickets up for:
SS002 - W 3000m
SS003 - M 500m
SB002 - Women's Snowboard Cross
SS004 - W 500m
SS005 - M 1000m
SS006 - W 1000m
FS005 - Ice Dance Compulsory
FR006 - Women's Ski Cross
SS009 - M 10,000m
SS010 - L 5,000m
SB005 - Women's PGS
SS011 - Team Pursuit Qualification
ZC001 - Closing Ceremony

Thats in addition to the preliminary curling/hockey tickets that were already up there.

Guess they found more seating at the Richmond Oval eh?


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