Olympic Bus Network - Open....Kinda....

November 30, 2009

Well the Olympic Bus Network is actually online now, although you really have to do some hunting around to find it. There doesn’t seem to be a link off the main VANOC site, or the main Ticketing site as of right now. I had to goto the TravelSmart Games-Time section in order to find it.

Regardless...its at: http://www.departurehubs.clickandpark.com/

In a bit of an unannounced twist, they have actually staggered the booking dates by venue. As a result, tickets go on sale according to the following schedule:

Whistler Creekside - November 30th December 4th*
Whistler Sliding Centre - December 4th December 7th*
Whistler Olympic Park - December 7th December 9th*
Cypress Mountain - December 9th December 11th*

As I think we’re going to book our Whistler bus tickets via Greyhound, the only thing we need are Cypress Mountain tickets. Guess that pushes us back to the 9th!

*Edit: I REALLY wish I could edit my own deadlines!


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