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November 30, 2009

One more thing down…this time, buses to and from Whistler on the 23rd and 24th. The official bus network won’t have times that really fit with our schedule, so we’re going to be using Greyhound. The prices were really quite reasonable: $22 each round trip.

February 23rd
Depart: 8:00 AM - Vancouver Pacific Station
Arrive: 10:30 AM – Whistler Village

February 24th
Depart: 9:00 PM - Whistler Village
Arrive: 11:15 PM – Vancouver Pacific Station

Those departure times should give us plenty of chance to do exploring in and around Whistler. The only knock on this whole endeavour is that Greyhound recommends you get to the station at least 1 hour before departure. That seems a little excessive to me, so we’ll have to phone and find out what the deal is there…


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