Seat Assignment!

October 26, 2009

So the day has finally arrived…..our seats have been assigned! The presentation below gives an overview of where all our tickets have landed.

The presentation includes the tickets we picked up for Holly/Kingston, and we're still waiting on the ticket placements for the ones we got from 'other' sources (Stubhub, Ms. Kauk)

The biggest thing we’ve noticed is how much our ‘A’ level tickets have been pushed to the end of the rink. Almost without fail, these are either right behind the net, or at best, in the corner. I suppose it was to be expected, sponsors and media getting all the ‘prime’ seats, but it’s still a little annoying that the best seats didn’t seem to make it to the public.

Now that we have our assigned places, we can better establish which tickets we’re going to sell for events where we have the choice. I think in general we’re going to sell the better seats, and keep the crappier ones. For example, for the USA-NOR and USA-SWI games, we’ll sell the lower bowl tickets behind the net, and sit in the upper bowl in the corner. Although we’re giving up the better seats, we’re also gonna be able to sell them for more.

I think overall, our ‘best’ assignment was for the Long Track Team Pursuit Finals at the Richmond Olympic Oval, where Pam and I have the 4th row, in between turns 1 and 2. However, since there is an aisle near our seats, that’s actually the 2nd row. Should be right on top of the action!

Updated as tickets change...


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