What I Think I'm Most Excited About

June 9, 2009

So put aside the obvious awesomeness of getting things like the Gold Medal Women's Hockey game.

I think one of the things I'm most excited about now is the opportunity to see Canada win a medal, and maybe even sweep a podium.

As you probably don't recall, way back in December 2008 I talked about how I'd like to see the Team-Pursuit Long-Track Speed Skating. I think it'll be awesome to get a chance to go to the Richmond Oval, as it looks amazing, but the biggest reason I'm pumped for it is because I think that both the Canadian Men and Women have to be pretty much locks for medals.

Bitchin' Building!

Before Phase II, we had a few pretty cool events like Women's Canada Hockey and Short Track Speed skating. However, with the Phase II stuff added...I think we're almost guaranteed to see a Canadian Gold. We have the chance with the Curling Medal Games, the Women's Medal Game, Long-Track Speed Skating, Short-Track Speed Skating or the Men's Moguls.

One of those has to hit!

Perhaps the most likely to generate a Canadian Gold is the Men's Moguls, where twice last World Cup season Canada swept the medals. I think aside from a Canadian Men's Hockey Gold, a podium sweep would be the most amazing thing that could happen during these games...and to actually have been there for it...well...would be incredible.

Its probably a long shot, but it's totally a possibility.


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