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June 28, 2009

Out in Nova Scotia this past week doing work on the Toll Facility on the Trans-Canada Highway. One of the neat aspects of the job is that between this trip, and the upcoming trip to Vancouver, I’m going to have a chance to have been to both coasts of the country. Halifax now, Vancouver in February!

So…speaking of the west coast…I’ve been asked by IBI to move to Seattle! How crazy is that?! If it all goes through, I’ll probably end up cancelling the YYZ-YVR flight for myself and end up taking the previously mentioned train up from Seattle. I’m a little disappointed that I won’t have a chance to be on that flight, those 5 hours and all the excitement involved was something I was actually really looking forward to. I’m sure the train ride up will still be really cool, but it will also be predominately Americans I’m sure.

With Beth and I moving out to Seattle, I might look at getting her up to Vancouver for a weekend during the games or something. That 5th ticket to the CAN-SVK game might just have her name on it.


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