First Ticket Designs

June 5, 2009

Yesterday VANOC unveiled the first round of ticket designs. They've only published four so far: Opening Ceremonies, Hockey, Curling and X-Country Skiing, but I must say that they're growing on me.

Could Be Worse!

I'd have to say so far I've been actually pretty OK with the designs of everything VANOC has come up with. That might sound like a backhanded insult, but considering how often corporations screw stuff up when it comes to logos/branding, the fact that I don't totally hate things is pretty impressive. I think the only thing that is keeping me from really like them is the palette. I still don't 100% love the Green-Blue, even if I do understand the link to Sea-to-Sky. I'd still like to see a little red/white palette for 'Canada's Games' I guess.

Kinda like the one I'm using on the blog....


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