Last Call...

December 16, 2008

Friday, the final block of Olympic tickets went on sale. That means that Pam, Andrea, Cowie and I are now finished picking up least legit tickets anyways.

The final tally goes something like this:

Day 2 - Women's Hockey - Canada vs. Slovakia
Day 4 - Women's Hockey - Canada vs. Switzerland
Day 5 - Men's Hockey - Canada vs. Qualifier 3
Day 6 - Women's Hockey - Canada vs. Sweden
Day 7 - Men's Hockey - Canada vs. Switzerland
Day 8 - Women's Curling
Day 9 - Short Track Speed Skating - W 1500m/M 1000m
Day 10 - Men's Hockey - Canada vs. USA
Day 11 - Women's Curling
Day 11 - Men's Curling
Day 12 - Women's Bobsled

Not a bad result....

We have 4 extra tickets to all the men's hockey games, so hopefully those will come in handy in regards to making a couple trades. I think the one thing that we're missing out on right now is, really, chances to see Canada actually win a medal. The Short-Track Speed Skating is the only 'Medal' event that we have right now!

Gotta Be A Lock?

Looking at days we have free still, and events we haven't got tickets for, I think getting tickets to the finals of the M/W Team Pursuit would be really good. I'd like to see at least one Long-Track event, and if there is anything we're almost going to get a medal in for sure, I'd think it'll be the Women's event there.

Anyways, a problem for another day...


musical mom December 22, 2008 at 11:18 AM  

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