Olympic Torch Relay

September 24, 2009

So today is the one-month mark to the lighting of the Olympic Flame in Greece. It won't arrive in Canada until October 30th, but I thought I'd get the ball rolling with a bit of a discussion.

First off, I realized that I actually haven't discussed the Olympic Torch at all. Announced eons ago now, it’s a pretty simplistic design...but there is nothing wrong with that.

I applied a few times to be a torch bearer, but it doesn't look like that's going to come to fruition. No matter, I'm still very excited just to see it passing through Ontario in advance of the games. It reaches Toronto on December 17th, and will be in southern Ontario pretty much through the whole holiday season.

The 'community celebration' on the 17th in Toronto is probably the biggest moment I'm looking forward to pre-games. I'm assuming that it will be at Nathan Phillips Square, and should be quite a day. I'll probably have to bugger off work for that afternoon, but it'll be totally worth it. A few days ago, VANOC unveiled the caldron that will be used as part of the 'community celebration'.

What will be interesting will be to see how close this community celebration caldron is to the actual caldron used in Vancouver. Obviously everything is very 'hush-hush' around the Opening Ceremonies, but the big mystery will be how they manage to light the flame inside BC Place, yet display it outside for the whole city to see.


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