Vancouver Olympic Centre

March 13, 2009

Surfing the web, I came across a couple of really good pictures showing the inside of the Vancouver Olympic Centre. This will be the curling venue for the games.

Green and Blue Rings??

I'm still a little surprised that the venue only holds about 6,000 people. Watching the Brier this week, and the mid-week crowds of 14,000 at the would think that you could push 20,000 for the curling venue at the Olympics when its in Canada. That being said, the 6,000 is double the venue size from the last two thats saying something I guess.

One thing that is interesting is the large glass wall at the one end of the building. I would think that allowing direct sunlight, although architecturally awesome, would seriously screw with the ability of the ice team to keep a consistent sheet. Last thing you need is a mid-afternoon sun beating down on the ice.


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