Hotel = Booked, Flights = Expensive - Part II

March 30, 2009

Ok, so NOW its official...we're booked into the YWCA for the Olympics. There was a bit of a delay as our reservation had to be 'confirmed', but just this morning I sent in our final application form. Total cost for Pam and I came to $2236.69, half of which we have to put down now ($1118.35) and the other half in September.

In terms of flights, on Friday I booked our way out there. We're going to still take a direct flight out, rather than go through Seattle, primarily because the latter option would require us to take an extra day off work. The Seattle-Vancouver train leaves at 7:00 AM each day, so there is no way to get on that train except to be in Seattle the night before. The cost for just the way out there is $448.

Its just as well really, I prefer Air Canada over the American carriers.....and there is something to be said for the atmosphere that will be on that flight from Toronto to Vancouver the morning of the Opening Ceremonies.

We leave Pearson at 8:00 AM, and get into Vancouver for 10:14 AM. A quick shot up the Canada Line...and we'll be at the hotel!


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